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Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant to Add 210 Jobs
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Cummins RMEP is seeing an increase in business due to overseas demand for new engines before new emissions standards kick in. While the company is being cautious in hiring, the necessity to build over 400 engines per day is driving their decision to hire 210 new employees. With this addition to the staff Cummins RMEP will have approximately 1,300 employees.

With this increased demand, the company has also reached a major milestone of producing their 3 millionth engine at the Rocky Mount Plant. Ken Anderson, acting plant manager stated that this milestone "shows that Cummins is a true leader in the medium-duty engine market. Thanks to the efforts of our hard-working employees, we can be counted on to produce the dependable and fuel-efficient engines demanded by our customers." Cummins celebrated this milestone with a luncheon for their employees.


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